OWLDB - Mnemosyne

A Backend for Native OWL Persistence

OWLDB (alias Mnemosyne) is a storage system based on object-relational mappings utilising the OWL-API for the W3C Web Ontology Language OWL.


  • native OWL persistence
  • object relational mapping
  • based on the OWL-API
  • DB independent


  • Henss, J., Kleb, J., Grimm, S.: A Protégé 4 Backend for Native OWL Persistence;
    11th Int. Protégé Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands (June 2009).
    Abstract. Slides.
  • Henss, J., Kleb, J., Grimm, S., Bock J.: A Database Backend for OWL. 5th Int. Workshop on OWL: Experiences and Directions (OWLED 2009), Chantilly, Virginia, USA (October 2009). Paper.

The source code is available on the project site.